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Tipke Foldit Cart

Festival Season is in Full Swing

Get ready for the festivals with the Tipke Foldit Cart

Festival time is with us again with some of the biggest events such as ‘V’ Festival, Reading and Leeds and Bestival all coming soon.

There always seems to be an endless amount of ‘essentials’ that are needed to take to these amazing weekends away which can sometimes be very daunting.

One way of making this so much easier is by using the Tipke Foldit Cart. Firstly it folds flat so that you are able to store it easily on the way.
Tipke Foldit Cart
It is able to carry up to 150kg, which means you can pack virtually anything and it will be able to handle it easily.

They are also made from very durable marine grade aluminium, so if it decides to rain (and there’s a good chance of that in the UK) it wont rust at all.
Tipke Foldit Cart

We are in short supply as I write this article, with more carts being ordered so if you want to get your hands on one of these very popular and useful items order one today from the shop

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